Italutensil has always been attentive to technological and process innovations. The production facilities are constantly updated, not only to introduce new processes but also to execute existing ones more efficiently. Every day, Italutensil seeks new technological solutions to make the production department more efficient. These research efforts are transferred directly to customers in the form of a competitive advantage.

The information available to the company is directly shared with customers through continuous production monitoring. This monitoring is made possible by a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) interconnection system.

With the MES system, Italutensil is able to:

  1. Production planning: Based on production capacity, processing orders are dynamically scheduled to provide customers with appropriate information about delivery times.
  2. Real-time resource monitoring: Production data is transferred in real-time, allowing for the monitoring of order progress, including planned costs.
  3. Remote management: The MES machinery interconnection system enables the reading of production data through a simple app. This ensures that the company’s management is always within reach.