Quality for us is a product guarantee philosophy. The first certification dates back to 2004 when the company was certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, with certificate number IT318720.

The processes are controlled using the most modern measuring instruments: we have a modern inspection room equipped with a robotic optical measuring machine, durometer, altimeter, roughness tester, and profile projector.

For certification verification, we rely on the rigorous methods of Bureau Veritas.

For all processing orders, we maintain a record, including digitalized records, with particular reference to the quality aspects of the produced batches. This allows us to reconstruct the history of each individual product, starting from the certificate of the materials used, the performed processing cycles, and the external processes carried out, for which we request conformity certificates from our suppliers and archive them.

Certificate IT318720_ITALUTENSIL – S.R.L ISO 9001 REV1

Italutensil control room
Italutensil control room