Italutensil positions itself as a qualified partner for chip removal machining. In the production department, turning and milling operations are carried out on metal, alloy, and plastic parts.

Specifically, the machining services offered to customers include:

Cutting: This operation is performed using special metal cutting saws, both band saws and disk saws, which are always automatic. These machines can cut solid materials, tubes, profiles, and even high-strength metals.

Turning: Bar turning is performed with diameters ranging from 10 to 65, both on fixed-head and sliding-head lathes. Complex turning operations are also possible thanks to machines with dual motorized turrets, C-axis, and Y-axis. For diameters larger than 65mm up to 300mm, Italutensil works with bar cut-to-length internally.

Milling: In the milling department, any mechanical component can be produced with a high degree of precision. The company has ISO 30 and ISO 40 milling centers, including palletized ones, as well as 4, 5, and 6-axis controlled milling centers.

Complex machining: Through collaboration with selected and certified suppliers, Italutensil manages parts with additional operations such as broaching, threading, rolling, and grinding.

Inspection and Assembly: Productions are inspected in a dedicated area, and upon customer request, specific assemblies or packaging solutions are provided.