CASE HISTORY – Realization of a safety guide for Hydraulic Systems

Our customer is a German Distributor of technical products to many industrial sectors, i.e. a technical purchaser on behalf of the end user.
He had 3 major needs:
– to make crossing bores, coaxial and eccentric, starting from the two opposite sides of the item;
– to meet the strict dimensional tolerances even after the galvanization;
– to make angled boring vs. the item’s axis;
That safety guide was a part of a larger supply of items with the same features.
In the past the Distributor experienced some difficulty in providing its customer with quality items, especially the difficulty to find out a supplier able to guarantee centesimal tolerances after the surface treatment as well as the repeatibility of the machining. Often even the coaxiality have not been guaranteed.
We carried out turning and complete milling from Ø52mm construction steel bar by a CNC turning center featured with two mandrels and two towers with tools motorization.
We have manufactured 10 batches of 4000 pcs/each in one year.

Hydraulics component

The main difficulty has been the choice of the right tools and the proper machining way: in addition to the above strict needs, the bore had a very small diameter.
Last but not least, the need to offer a low price despite the difficult operations: in order to meet the margins, we carried out a deep analysis of the boring tools to get the best operations’ repeatability and minimize the production waste.
One of our major strenghten points is to rely on highly qualified suppliers for surface treatments: in the subject project we’ve met the tolerances even after the galvanization.
The technological added value has been to industrialize the production of 40k items by providing a very good price/quality ratio, i.e. to manufacture complex products at a very convenient price.
Because of the above mentioned critical issues, it wasn’t matter of usual turning operation and other workshops didn’t face the challenge.
It is worth to emphasize the strict cooperation with our customer’s technical Dept. to agree a control method on the coaxial bores.
Eventually our customer has been very satisfied as he provided the end user with a quality items at a convenient price.

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